I planted 2 avocado trees 8 years ago & all I get is small bitter fruit. How long B 4 I get some good fruit?

Answer MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.Let me guess, you planted them yourself from the pits of avocados you ate? Right? What you have are some very nice looking, fast growing avocado trees. but you have... Read More »

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Is avocado a fruit or a vegetable?

An avocado is a fruit that contains a large seed inside. A vegetable such as a carrot is not formed from a flower and does not contain seeds. Avocados contain many nutrients and are high in monouns... Read More »

Do you need two avocado trees to bear fruit?

How long is it before an avocado tree bears fruit?

Avocado trees planted from seeds take 10 to 15 years to bear fruit. Trees planted as grafted trees produce fruit within two years. Avocado fruit do not tree ripen and can be left on the tree as a f... Read More »

All my avocado trees fail. When I bought my home I was told it was built on a huge avocado grove.?

PHYTOPHTHORA cinnamoma (AVOCADO ROOT ROT)stop wasting your time & money. dig out & toss 'um. they will not recover & no avocado tree will ever grow in that soil. Many of the old original avocad... Read More »