Is an aquarium covered under a renters policy?

Answer Laws may be a little different in the Armpit of America but in the communist state of MA as long as you jointly own the home then you would be jointly covered on the home policy. If so then they ca... Read More »

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Dog ate your hearing aid is it covered under your renters insurance policy?

Doubtful. Most policies exclude damage from domestic animals. Consult your policy or with your agent.

When a new car is purchased how long is it covered under an existing policy without being added to the policy?

Answer You should read you existing policy. Most allow 30 days.

Does a 15 and a half year old with a learners permit need his own insurance policy or is he covered under the parents policy?

Answer He is covered under his parents' policy until he gets his own car and license.

Can an employee under your group health plan still be covered under another group policy?