Is an additional tv antenna needed when everything goes digital next month?

Answer The Converter Boxes are DTV (Digital Television) You need to purchase a digital antenna that picks up the digital signal. Here is a few antennas of choice.TERK HD-TVi Indoor HDTV Antenna Terk Passi... Read More »

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Is it easy to obtain a TV signal with a digital antenna or a analog antenna Digital antenna is hard to turn.?

Digital requires a bit more signal, and most transitional digital transmitters are transmitting a lower power. Chances are, if you get a good analog picture, you will likely get the digital one.Rea... Read More »

Do you have a GOOD indoor antenna connected to an analog-to-digital converter box If so, which antenna model?

I've seen these extensively reviewed in another forum. The top choice if all of your digital stations are on UHF (most of them are, even those with "VHF" channel numbers like 3.1, 6.2, etc.) is th... Read More »

How do I convert analog tv antenna to a digital antenna?

The antenna can't tell if it is receiving analog or digital. They are the same. However, some antennae are 'banded' to receive a group of channels and reject others. A high band antenna in a weak s... Read More »

Bought home theatre but where can i put my radio antenna cable safely see additional details?

You can weave it in and amongst your tech-nest and it can't hurt or effect anything. The nest will make less of a difference in radio reception than the mere positioning of it. Unless your electron... Read More »