Is an R32 Interceptor legal in New Jersey?

Answer An R32 Interceptor is a pocket bike, and pocket bikes are not street legal. In New Jersey, it is legal to ride on private property or municipally designated (off-road) areas. The bike must be regis... Read More »

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What Is the Legal Age to Get a Job in New Jersey?

You can earn money as a minor in New Jersey regardless of your age, depending on the field in which you work. New Jersey generally follows federal labor law, but many jobs may also require approva... Read More »

Are sparklers legal in New Jersey?

Sparklers are not legal in New Jersey. Under state law, they are considered fireworks. New Jersey law forbids the possession, selling, storing or setting off of fireworks of any kind, including spa... Read More »

Is bar poker legal in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, bar poker is 100 percent legal. New Jersey is a pro-gambling state and earns a great deal of revenue through its legalized gambling. Business gambling and social gambling are all leg... Read More »

Is salvia legal in new jersey?

Although Salvia divinornum is illegal in many U.S. states, it is currently legal in New Jersey. State government has proposed several bills to criminalize the plant, but as of 2010, these bills hav... Read More »