Is an LCD TV better with LED?

Answer Yes.LEDs use less power, use lower voltage, run cool and last longer.The white light is every bit as good as CCFLs.

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Club soda better or sparkling water better for mixing with juice?

Both work fine. But Club Soda has Sodium Bicarbonate. An alkali that will neutralize some of the acid in the juice. Probably not enough for most people to notice but it does affect the taste slightly.

Why don't CCTV systems record better quality video Even mobile phones can do better with today's technology!?

I suppose because many CCTV systems were implemented in the days when technology was weaker than today. Even then if the CCTV cameras were put across a whole country, it still was very expensive an... Read More »

Tea with Lemon Tea with Sugar Or Tea with honey Which from this list do u like better For those who ->?

Mornin Scooter. Tea is like a fave drink for me, and plain works fine. I don't use sugar or artificial sweetners, and honey is for dippin sweet tater fries in, LOL. I love taters.

French Fries with Chili Pizza with Onions Or Spam with Eggs Which from this list do you like better?