Is an IRA a non-marketable security?

Answer An IRA account is not a non-marketable security. By definition, a non-marketable security cannot be easily bought or sold because it does not trade on a major market or must be sold via a private t... Read More »

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How to Find the After-Tax Return on a Marketable Security?

Calculating the after-tax return on a marketable security is difficult because how much tax you pay is not merely dependent on how long you held the asset and the price of the security at sale. If ... Read More »

How to Take Marketable Headshots?

A wonderful headshot.If you are a photographer, you will be asked to do headshots. As a professional, they could very well be a money maker for you. As a non-professional, you may often find your I... Read More »

Marketable securities can be a liability?

During the Vietnam War era, "Gun" meant artillery. Small arms meant machine guns, rifles, pistols, etc. Today's "Gun's" in the US Army are hi-tech using smart projectiles and are mostly light weigh... Read More »

Is a paralegal degree marketable?

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