Is an IQ Score of 96 Average?

Answer An IQ score of 96 is average, according to the Wechsler Intelligence Scales, which classify this score as normal. An individual who has an IQ score of 96 is considered to function within the scale ... Read More »

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What is the Average D.A.T score?

The DAT is always an average of 17. You are compared against every other person who took that.…Check out admitted class profiles on school websites. You'... Read More »

How to Calculate an Average Score?

Examining a set of scores using a variety of methods gives you different results. The average or mean score, along with the mode and median, all show a tendency of the scores, but these three numbe... Read More »

How to Score Above Average on an IQ Test?

Raising IQ to a point above average may or may not be a doable task. The person hoping to raise his IQ may, after all, be too far below average for any amount of effort to bring him above an averag... Read More »

What is an average GRE test score?

The average GRE scores of 1.3 million test takers tracked by ETS from 2004 and 2007 were 462 for verbal and 584 for quantitative. Scores vary based on intended major, with humanities students doing... Read More »