Is an FM transmitter better than an am transmitter?

Answer FM radio offers different benefits to AM. FM typically has a better signal and more choices of music, but AM stations broadcast a much farther distance.

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Where can you buy a FM transmitter?

There are many shops on the high street and online that you can purchase a FM transmitter from. I would recommend that the best place to purchase this from wo9uld be the Apple store as it has very ... Read More »

What are the component of transmitter?

Power supply, oscillator, modulator, and amplifier.

How to Build an IR Transmitter?

An IR transmitter is an electronic device that emits energy in the form of an infrared spectrum. An infrared transmitter has many applications, the most prominent being its use in a remote control.... Read More »

How do you use a FM transmitter with your iPod?

I assume you mean, "How do I use an iPod to listen to music on a radio via FM transmission" Stop by your local Best Buy, Target, or if you must Walmart (Blech!) Go to the electronics section of t... Read More »