Is an EIN number mandatory for an estate?

Answer An employer identification number (EIN) is mandatory for an estate, reports the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The EIN serves like a social security number for the estate, allowing the IRS to iden... Read More »

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Is getting a social security number mandatory?

In the United States, you need a Social Security number to get a job. You will also need it for collecting Social Security benefits and receiving other government services, according to the Social ... Read More »

Are there laws in New Jersey about mandatory number or size of dumpsters for condos?

You can review the New Jersey condominium law to discover if this detail is covered there. Most likely, it is not. Each year when the treasurer puts the annual budget together, the process include... Read More »

How can i get an estate tax number?

All tax returns filed with the IRS must include a taxpayer identification number (TIN). For most individual taxpayers, a Social Security number is used as the TIN. For all other taxpayers, the IRS ... Read More »

How to Obtain a Tax ID Number for an Estate?

When a person passes away and an estate is opened to handle the distribution of the person's assets and other legal matters, the first thing those handling the estate should do is obtain a federal ... Read More »