Is an AWD car good for everyday driving?

Answer On One Hand: AWD BenefitsThe greatest benefit of having an all-wheel-drive (AWD) automobile is the added stability and traction. This traction is important if you live in a region where rain or sn... Read More »

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Would u prefer riding a motorcycle or driving a car everyday?

motorcycle. but who can ride one everyday all winter and carry a few friends and golf clubs.

Is 1GB of ram good for simple everyday use?

The people who said it's okay must not be reading your question carefully. 1 GB is not nearly enough for Photoshop, which will use every scrap of RAM it can get its hands on. It is pretty tight... Read More »

Is drinking iced tea everyday good for you?

I`ve drank iced tea for years never hurt me

It is good to drink tomato juice everyday?

Yes it is good to drink tomato juice every day.It is very good to add tomato in your daily diet. it is an easily available, affordable, natural and nutritious fruit. We can use tomatoes in many way... Read More »