Is an AWD car good for everyday driving?

Answer On One Hand: AWD BenefitsThe greatest benefit of having an all-wheel-drive (AWD) automobile is the added stability and traction. This traction is important if you live in a region where rain or sn... Read More »

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Would u prefer riding a motorcycle or driving a car everyday?

motorcycle. but who can ride one everyday all winter and carry a few friends and golf clubs.

Is 1GB of ram good for simple everyday use?

The people who said it's okay must not be reading your question carefully. 1 GB is not nearly enough for Photoshop, which will use every scrap of RAM it can get its hands on. It is pretty tight... Read More »

Will this amount of push ups be good if done everyday?

The best way to lose weight is a full body workout. Push ups are a good start but you should also do exercises like lunges, squat's, jogging, curls, pull ups, sit ups. Devote an hour a day 5 days a... Read More »

Good everyday look for High School?

Try to keep a natural look. I wear Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and there are tons of custom shades that blend super good with your skin. I also take blush and a powder brush and sweep it from my l... Read More »