Is an 18 year old guy to old for briefs?

Answer go commando until you decide. boxers are nice for a while. tighty whities hurt your Nads. eventually you'll become older and settle into boxer briefs. none of us wanted to but all will. I hated the... Read More »

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How to Turn Boxer Briefs Into Briefs?

Whether you're looking for a customized pair of underwear or simply a creative sewing project, you can transform a pair of boxer briefs into briefs. It takes just a few steps to alter your boxer br... Read More »

What brand of boxer briefs & briefs are best?

For regular briefs get some from American Apparel. Those are the only brand I wear for briefs because they're so comfortable while also looking fashionable. Calvin Klein is a good choice for any ty... Read More »

Briefs Vs. Boxers for Men?

The boxers versus briefs debate is truly one of most contested in men's fashion. Whether boxers or briefs are right for you is a matter of fit, comfort and style. Does this Spark ... Read More »

Boxers or briefs?