Is amtrak privatized?

Answer Amtrak is a private corporation that is run by a board of directors. Amtrak would operate at a loss if not for the government subsidies it receives. The United States government owns a substantial ... Read More »

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Who is the CEO of Amtrak?

As of March 2010, Joseph Boardman is the president and CEO of Amtrak; he has held this position since November 2008. Before joining Amtrak, Boardman was the administrator at the Federal Railroad A... Read More »

Is amtrak unbearable?

NO!Amtrak is by far the best way to travel in the country. It is often much less expensive than flying, and they don't charge you for luggage. The seats are very comfortable, and the trains are cle... Read More »

Is amtrak safe?

Fatality statistics can put Amtrak safety and passenger risk in perspective. In January 2010, the U.S. Department of Transportation reported 564 people died in air incidents, highway fatalities tot... Read More »

How to Travel on Amtrak?

With concern about gas prices and energy shortages rising daily, Amtrak (the American passenger train system) is a better bargain than ever. Stations are typically located in the center of town, so... Read More »