Is aloe vera gel safe?

Answer On One Hand: Aloe Vera Gel Is SafeWhen used properly aloe vera gel is perfectly safe to use on your skin, even during pregnancy. When used topically, aloe vera can help alleviate dry skin, sun burn... Read More »

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Is aloe vera gel safe for pregnancy?

On One Hand: Aloe Vera Gel Is Probably Safe for Topical UseThe Mayo Clinic states that topical use of aloe vera gel is "unlikely to be harmful" if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Caremark Health... Read More »

Is aloe vera gel safe on newborns?

According to Johnson's, aloe vera gel is safe on newborns. Many of its products, especially baby lotion, contain this soothing ingredient. Aloe vera is so safe that it has been granted U.S. Food an... Read More »

Aloe Vera Help Please!!!!!?

Hi there:DLol I love Aloe Vera and use it often!As long as there is no bleeding and that even means a bit of weeping, then yes you can use it. It should take about a day to heal and that includes ... Read More »

What is aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a plant native from africa that grows in the desert, it has gel inside the fleshy leaves that's great for sunburn's, insect bites, poison ivy, minor cuts and burn's if you ever saw the... Read More »