Is aloe vera gel good for sun burns?

Answer On One Hand: Aloe Soothes SunburnsAloe vera is used to soothe sunburns and heal wounds, because it is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects. Rubbing aloe vera gel on sunburned skin can help re... Read More »

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Aloe vera really work on burns?

yes it sucks out the burned part thats why the slime looks red after a while.

How to Use Aloe Vera to Treat Burns?

Burns are a common skin injury of varying degrees of severity. They can be caused by electricity, heat, light, radiation and friction. Treatment differs depending upon the size of the burn and the ... Read More »

How to cure second degree burns without aloe Vera?

Noes portion or antibiotic Cream never ointment on a burn...but see a doctor anything above a first degree burn is doctor time due to infection and scarring...Lso clean with beta dyne can get that... Read More »

When I put aloe Vera on my peeling face sunburn it burns and hurts very bad?

many aloe gels have alcohol (like rubbing alcohol) in them because it evaporates quickly giving you a cooling sensation. When you put the alcohol on irritated/broken skin it burns.Try finding an a... Read More »