Is all integrated graphic really bad?

Answer The innate problem with integrated graphics is that they have to share the RAM with the operating system and your programs. With a separate video card, it has its own RAM dedicated to just performi... Read More »

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How to adjust integrated intel graphic for high performance?

Integrated cards will normally not play 3D games well. If upgrading to different graphics card is not possible it is best to turn most of the settings in game to off/low. The next step will be lowe... Read More »

Which is better asus GT 210 Graphic card or my integrated Intel 945G graphics.?

Anything is better than Intel graphics for gaming, but the G210 is still a weak card for gaming. It's just that the Intel chip is even weaker.

2 single graphic adapters vs one duel graphic adapter?

Increase the cooling, a liquid-cooling system, will be much more efficient.

Increasing Graphic Card Voltage Can Put The Graphic Card In Danger?

Of course it will shorten it's lifespan, but that said as long as the overvolt isn't too extreme it can be worth it as by the time the card breaks it will probably be obsolete anyway. Watch out tho... Read More »