Is all PC3200 184 pin RAM the same?

Answer Generally speaking, any PC3200 RAM should work just fine in your system. One does hear the occasional horror story complete with freakish compatibility problems, but these are few and far between.... Read More »

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What is pc3200 memory?

PC3200 memory is used for transferring electronic data quickly. The predominant features of PC3200 memory are mostly standardized, but keep in mind that they occasionally vary by brand and model.Us... Read More »

Can I put PC3200 in a PC2700 computer?

You can use PC3200 RAM in a computer meant for PC2700. The computer will just run the PC3200 RAM at the PC2700 speed. However, it is not recommended to attempt to use PC2700 RAM in a computer mea... Read More »

Are PC2700& PC3200 compatible?

PC2700 and PC3200 are double data rate memory. The numbers on them indicate the amount of memory your computer is able to handle. However, since the memory works as backward compatibility, PC2700 a... Read More »

Will a ddr pc3200 work in a pc2100?

PC2100 and PC3200 are DDR RAM (double data rate random access memory) module specifications that fit the same memory slots. PC3200 has a peak data transfer rate of 3200 megabytes per second, but re... Read More »