Is alkida paid by the U.S. government?

Answer yes it was started by Bush and Obama continues to fund this organazation

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How often should withholding taxes be paid to the government?

Estimated tax payments must be made at least quarterly to avoid additional interest and penalties. These quarterly payments are due on April 15, June 15, Sept. 15 and Jan. 15 of the following year.... Read More »

How much are teachers paid in government schools in Victoria, Australia?

As of January 3, 2010, a beginning teacher in a government school in Victoria, Australia, gets paid a teaching salary of anywhere from $53,996 to $55,535 in Australian dollars. A senior teacher get... Read More »

Is there a government orginisation similar to torchwood seprate to the police and beyond the government?

No. Torchwood is fiction. No 'government organisation' can be 'beyond the government' it is impossible. i mean separate to the government, mabye not studting aliens, but technology etc. Something a... Read More »

What does ESPN stand for in American Government in reference to the four purposes of Government?