Is alcoholism a hereditary disease?

Answer On One Hand: Genes May Influence AlcoholismGenes may influence a person's risk of becoming an alcoholic, although the exact genes involved in alcoholism have not been identified, according to the M... Read More »

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Are birthmarks hereditary?

There are a number of different names for birthmarks, including port wine stains, angle kisses, stork bites, café au lait spot, moles, strawberry and vascular birthmarks. Despite popular belief, m... Read More »

Is pedophilia hereditary?

No, but it can be a mental illness brought on by being abused yourself or trauma to the head, but you choose whether to act on it or not. They are researching if it could be hereditary but as far a... Read More »

Hereditary hemochromatosis?

Quote:Most people who have primary hemochromatosis inherit it from their parents. If you inherit two hemochromatosisgenes—one from each parent—you're at risk for iron overload and signs and sym... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Hereditary Eye Bags?

If you have bags under your eyes, they can significantly distract from an otherwise nice appearance. Under-eye bags can be caused by a variety of different issues, ranging from poor nutrition to st... Read More »