Is alcoholism genetic or environmental?

Answer On One Hand: Environment Plays an Important RoleAlcoholism is a gradual process, says Excessive and long-term use of alcohol may make the body accustomed to the drug, creating a phy... Read More »

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Is the cause of alcoholism genetic or environmental?

On One Hand: Addiction Partly GeneticGenetics play one part in the development of alcoholism, according to the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus. However, it is not known which genes play a role in a pe... Read More »

Is alcoholism an addiction or a genetic inheritance?

On One Hand: Alcoholism as an AddictionAlcoholism is a disease that is considered an addiction. Those who are considered alcoholics are defined by their need to drink and inability to stop. They cr... Read More »

How to Overcome Alcoholism?

Many Americans are affected by alcoholism every year. It can take hold of your life and sometimes never letting go, taking you down to the inner most parts of hell. Those around you suffer while yo... Read More »

How big of a problem is alcoholism?

On One Hand: Alcoholism Is devastatingAlcohol dependence can lead to many health problems, including nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, depression, poor nutrition, heart muscle damage, liver... Read More »