Is alcoholism considered a disability in New York state?

Answer According to the New York State Division of Human Rights, alcoholism qualifies as a disability in the state. Alcohol abuse may also qualify, but the state will have to look at the particulars of ea... Read More »

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Is alcoholism considered a disability?

On One Hand: Yes, It's a Recognized DisabilityAccording to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, the Americans With Disabilities Act specifically describes abuse of and dependence... Read More »

How long can you collect state disability for alcoholism in NJ?

No one can stop you from going on vacation while on disability but it may cause suspicion or even lead to an investigation in your case. The question your adjuster may ask is "If you are so disable... Read More »

At what age are you considered an adult in New York State?

New York does not have an emancipation statute, you are concidered an adult at 18.

Pregnancy and New York State Disability Insurance?

Pregnant women who are working may be eligible to collect New York State Disability benefits once they go on maternity leave. Having a baby puts your body under a lot of stress, and your doctor wil... Read More »