Is alcoholism a learned behavior?

Answer On One Hand: Alcoholism is LearnedAccording to the Mayo Clinic, people who have witnessed one or both parents abusing alcohol are more likely to repeat this behavior. Also, young people who begin d... Read More »

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Is alcoholism a behavior?

On One Hand: Alcoholism as Diseasealcoholism is one of the most difficult diseases to really get a handle on, because it doesn't exhibit the same symptoms as something like heart disease or chicken... Read More »

Is alcoholism a mental behavior?

On One Hand: Mental EffectsAlcohol is a depressant and can trigger depression or other mental illnesses. 37 percent of alcoholics have a mental illness on top of alcoholism, and they start drinking... Read More »

What is innate&learned animal behavior?

Identifying innate and learned animal behaviors helps researchers study biological and genetic development throughout the animal world.Innate BehaviorsInnate behaviors are genetically predetermined... Read More »

Is animal behavior learned or instinct?

On One Hand: Consider Instinctual LineageAnimal behavior is largely influenced by genetic lineage. Animals--be they dogs, cows or lions--contain survival instincts that often influence behavior. Do... Read More »