Is alcoholism a hereditary disease?

Answer On One Hand: Genes May Influence AlcoholismGenes may influence a person's risk of becoming an alcoholic, although the exact genes involved in alcoholism have not been identified, according to the M... Read More »

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Is periodontal disease hereditary?

On One Hand: There is a PredispositionChildren of parents with periodontal disease have a genetic predisposition to gum disease and tooth loss. This means they may have a higher risk of developing ... Read More »

Is Parkinson's disease hereditary?

Answer Some forms of Parkinson's disease are hereditary. You are deemed to be "more at risk" of developing it yourself if your father had it. Your chances of developing it are slim however, so rela... Read More »

Diabetics is hereditary disease?

Type 1 can be hereditary. More often though, an indeterminate virus causes the body to erroneously identify the insulin making cells (islet cells) as enemy or foreign cells, and destroys them (kin... Read More »

Disease of alcoholism?

Yes, it is a disease. There is no such thing as an "ex-alcoholic". There are only recovering alcoholics. Find a place that holds AA meetings nearest to you if you feel that you or a loved one ne... Read More »