Is alcoholism a disease or a choice?

Answer On One Hand: It's A DiseaseAccording the Mayo Clinic, alcoholism is a medically recognized disease, one with specific risk factors for contraction, a predictable trajectory and treatment strategies... Read More »

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Disease of alcoholism?

Yes, it is a disease. There is no such thing as an "ex-alcoholic". There are only recovering alcoholics. Find a place that holds AA meetings nearest to you if you feel that you or a loved one ne... Read More »

Is the disease alcoholism preventable?

On One Hand: Preventative MeasuresAlcoholism occurs when a person becomes dependent on alcohol consumption, literally craving a drink. Preventative measures include recognizing early symptoms and s... Read More »

Is alcoholism a treatable disease?

On One Hand: Alcoholism is TreatableAlcoholism is a treatable disease. Treatments for alcoholism include medications to ease detox, which is the process of getting alcohol out of the system. Treatm... Read More »

Is alcoholism a physical disease?

On One Hand: Alcoholism is Partly PhysicalThere is a physical element of alcoholism, which is the dependence on alcohol. The physical aspect of being addicted to alcohol can be seen in an alcoholic... Read More »