Is alcoholism a disability or a lack of will power?

Answer On One Hand: It's A DisabilityAlcohol abuse and addiction are recognized as illnesses within most standard medical manuals, including the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV. The 1990 American Wit... Read More »

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Is alcoholism a disability or lack of willpower?

On One Hand: It's a Lack of WillpowerThere is no recognized medical treatment for alcoholism, except for a moderation of one's intake of alcohol or abstinence. Both of these treatments proceed only... Read More »

Is alcoholism considered a disability?

On One Hand: Yes, It's a Recognized DisabilityAccording to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, the Americans With Disabilities Act specifically describes abuse of and dependence... Read More »

How long can you collect disability for alcoholism?

Not specifically for a long term disability, but you can collect if you have a terminal illness.

How long can you collect state disability for alcoholism in NJ?

No one can stop you from going on vacation while on disability but it may cause suspicion or even lead to an investigation in your case. The question your adjuster may ask is "If you are so disable... Read More »