Is alcohol good for lowering systolic blood pressure?

Answer On One Hand: Alcohol Abuse Can Raise Blood PressureHypertensive disease always includes high systolic blood pressure, notes the book "Medical-Surgical Nursing, Sixth Edition," by Joyce Black, et al... Read More »

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What's the difference between systolic and dystolic in blood pressure?

Systolic blood pressure is the pressure of heart exerted when expelling blood out from its ventricles while Dystolic blood pressure is the "entry" of blood into heart. Normally blood pressure readi... Read More »

What is a high systolic&diastolic blood pressure?

You measure blood pressure using two numbers, the systolic and diastolic. Systolic pressure measures your blood pressure as your heart beats and diastolic pressure measures the blood pressure betwe... Read More »

High systolic low diastolic blood pressure?

The difference between your systolic (the number on top of your BP, the 139) and the diastolic (the # on the bottom, 61) is called the pulse pressure. Normal pulse pressure is 40.High pulse pressu... Read More »

Can gatorade raise systolic blood pressure?

On One Hand: Gatorade Does Not Contain CaffeineGatorade does not contain caffeine, which can raise your systolic blood pressure. As far as sports drinks go for those monitoring their blood pressure... Read More »