Is alcohol bad for people who have Diabetes?

Answer NO, drinking is NOT bad for diabetics, DUH! I love how every one says yes it is bad becuase of the sugar! Maybe some people who post comments will read this and know the truth! ARE YOU STUPID that ... Read More »

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Can you tell me the effect of alcohol and diabetes Is it better to just quit if you have diabetes?

For the people who answer questions in the diabetes section, where you do get your diabetes knowledge from?

With desperation being the primary motivator: Nearly five years of intense research from all sorts of resources.... Books, Internet sites/forums, asking other diabetics and doctors about it, taking... Read More »

Diabetes and alcohol?

Despite all the wrong answers here, Alcohol LOWERS blood sugar.Make sure to eat if you drink and drink in moderation.Check your sugars often so you don't get too low.

Does alcohol cause diabetes?

On One Hand: Alcohol Can Contribute to Type II DiabetesType II diabetes is essentially caused by high sugar intake, obesity and/or lack of exercise. Since alcohol is a source of calories and is pro... Read More »