Is alaska attached to north america?

Answer Alaska is a peninsula attached to North America in the northwest. Its location places it in the eastern as well as the western hemisphere. It makes up 64 percent of the coastline of the United Stat... Read More »

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Is the Yukon Trail located in Canada or Alaska?

The Yukon Trail, formally known as the Chilkoot Trail, begins in Dyea, Alaska and ends at Lake Bennett in British Columbia, Canada. The former Tlingit trade route is 33 miles long and is co-operate... Read More »

Is Circle City located in Canada or Alaska?

The city of Circle, sometimes called Circle City, is located in the state of Alaska. A gold rush boom town in the late 1800s, Circle is situated on the banks of the Yukon River about 50 miles south... Read More »

Science Information on Butterflies in Alaska & Canada?

The cold conditions of Alaska and northern Canada may not seem like the best locale for a butterfly, but several species of this insect thrive in the high-altitude portions of this region. Most of... Read More »

Do Alaska residents have to file an income tax return for Alaska?

The state of Alaska does not have personal state income tax. Therefore, you do not need to file a state return or have state taxes withheld from your check if you work in Alaska.References:Alaska: ... Read More »