Is air a conductor or an insulator?

Answer Air is not a conductor; it is an insulator. Air's insulation properties appear to be proven false by the existence of lightning, but is explained by the strength of a charge to overcome the air's r... Read More »

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Is pure water a conductor or an insulator?

Pure water is an insulator. An insulator is a substance that allows for little to no movement of electrons within it. Substances that allow free or relatively unimpaired movement of electrons are k... Read More »

How Is Air an Insulator?

Air is a collection of gases, and it is not a good conductor or radiator. Air is excellent at convection, but the amount of heat that can be transferred is minimal because the low mass of the subst... Read More »

What is the meaning of insulator?

An insulator prevents electricity, heat or sound from passing between surfaces. The results can keep people warm, give them quieter surroundings and ensure safe and efficient electrical usage.Insul... Read More »

What Are Insulator Items?

Insulators are materials that block the transfer of heat, electricity, light and sound. Insulators are made from various materials and are in everything from electronics to buildings to music audi... Read More »