Is advil safe for pregnant women?

Answer I would say that it's reasonably ok but Tylenol or Acetaminophen is the only one "approved". Remember to always check with your dr before taking any medications while pregnant.

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Is it safe to take Advil while pregnant?

is it fine to take advil during pregancy?

Is coke safe for pregnant women?

If you mean coca-cola, in small doses... yes. Too much can harm your baby, it is recommended you do not intake more than 150 mg a day (just over 1 and a half litres of coke or coke zero, or just ov... Read More »

Is ultramox safe for pregnant women?

Answer my wife is pregnant in the first month and she got inflammation in her urine and we went to a doctor for gyneocology and she gve her ultramox as antibiotic for this inflammation although sh... Read More »

Is it safe for pregnant women to eat raw honey?