Is adultery grounds for a divorce in Georgia?

Answer Adultery is one of the 12 grounds for fault divorces in Georgia. Adultery is defined to include both heterosexual and homosexual sexual relations outside the bounds of marriage. Before a couple can... Read More »

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Is adultery grounds for obtaining child custody?

Probably not but it could be a factor depending on the circumstances of the adultery. Adultery is grounds for divorce in those states that involve "fault divorces" and can even play a role in spous... Read More »

How to Deal With Divorce & Adultery?

Ending a marriage after a spouse has been unfaithful is extremely painful. Emotions are high, ranging from betrayal, jealousy, hurt, humiliation, embarrassment and rage. The steps you take toward r... Read More »

Can you sue for adultery in a divorce in North Carolina?

The only grounds for divorce in North Carolina are marital separation or incurable insanity. The separation must be for at least one year, and you and your spouse must live in different residences.... Read More »

What happens to the kids if there was adultery committed with a friend of the children when you divorce?

Answer It sounds like the parent was setting up the kids for some serious feelings of guilt. "If I hadn't been friends with..."Instead, the adulterer needs to let the kids know that they were not ... Read More »