Is adoption better than abortion?

Answer The majority prefer abortion because they can not give their child away but some are fine with giving it away. What is best is up to the individual. No one else can make that choice for you, you ju... Read More »

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Is giving birth and putting the baby up for adoption a better option than abortion?

If a woman is going to give birth instead of getting an abortion, there is the additional option for adoption instead of raising it. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks. To help find out if ... Read More »

Is adoption an alternative to abortion?

I say no. If you don't look at the question with a personal agenda (pro-life, pro-choice, I would, I wouldn't, etc.) but follow the statistics in the US - the vast majority of unwed pregnancies en... Read More »

Why do people choose abortion over adoption?

It is so hard to give up a baby for adoption, and also people don't want to go through the pregnancy. Also, what is the point in bringing more unwanted babies into the world when there already are ... Read More »

People Pushing Adoption over Abortion?

I agree - the pro-life movement shouldn't be in the pocket of the adoption industry - the industry actvely pushes for adoption as the "loving and selfless" option. And why not? It's their revenue... Read More »