Is acorn squash a fruit or vegetable?

Answer It's a fruit. Any part of a plant that contains seeds is a fruit. Vegetables are leafy parts or roots, like spinach and carrots. Grains are seeds that don't have a fruit, or grow on the outside of ... Read More »

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Is a squash a vegetable or fruit?

It is indeed a vegetable That's actually not true. Scientifically speaking, it is a fruit. Anything that has seeds is a fruit actually the first person who wrote on here is right it is a vegetable

Is squash a vegetable or a fruit?

The defining characteristic of a fruit is that the part we eat contains seeds, which a vegetable does not. Thus squash, along with tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans, are considered fruit.Source:S... Read More »

How to Cook Acorn Squash?

Commonly mistaken for a winter squash because of its hard exterior, acorn squash is actually a summer squash in the same family as yellow crookneck squash and zucchini. Acorn squash is, well, shape... Read More »

How to Make Stuffed Acorn Squash?

It's almost Thanksgiving, a time to spend time with family and friends. It's also a stressful time for the cooks in your house. The cooks will be the ones who'll stress over defrosting the turkey a... Read More »