Is acid reflux like feeling something is caught in the throat?

Answer On One Hand: Acid Reflux Can Cause the SensationReflux of acidic contents from your stomach back into your esophagus occurs in gastroesophageal reflux disease (commonly known as acid reflux), accor... Read More »

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CAN Light mouth ulcers and feeling like something stucked in throat be symptom of early pregnancy?

Answer That would have nothing to do with early pregnancy signs, that sounds like you have strepped throat.

Which is worse: acid reflux or bile reflux?

On One Hand: Bile RefluxBile reflux occurs when bile flows backward from the small intestine into the stomach. It can also flow upward into the esophagus. Unlike acid reflux, bile reflux often cann... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if all day your stomach feels so empty it hurts and has this feeling all the way into your throat like if you made yourself burp bile would come out feeling lazy loss appetite?

Answer Could be a number of things such as an ulcer or could be pregnancy. Best to check with your Dr or local health dept.

Throat feeling like its closing?

it could be1-an allergy causing you post nasal drip, when your body produces too much mucus you swallow it and it starts irritating your throat and cause you sore throat in the morning..2-sinus inf... Read More »