Is accounting a back-office function?

Answer Accounting is considered a back-office function, along with other job functions such as payroll, information technology, marketing, legal and logistics. Some companies are deciding to outsource acc... Read More »

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What are the software brands used by The Taj Group Of Hotels use for its Property Management Systems including Front office POS Back office accounting materials management F and B Costing?

Dont know now but till few years Front Office POS was Fidelio and in Restaurants was ShawmanI am with Taj group of Hotels and they use Fidelio as PMS, i am not sure about other areas.

Function of the Post Office?

The U.S. Postal Service is the only organization authorized to deliver mail to personal mailboxes in the United States. It currently competes with private couriers like FedEx or the UPS United Parc... Read More »

Accounting Office Filing Procedures?

If you have ever been to an accounting office, you will notice that it contains many filing cabinets, and that is by design -- accounting tasks require lots of paperwork and great organization. Not... Read More »

Where is the data file stored for Office Accounting 2009?

Office Accounting 2009 stores your files in seven separate locations. However, the two most important sets of files to access are company files and data files. Company files can be found as .sbc fi... Read More »