Is acacia gum to be avoided?

Answer On One Hand: It's Generally SafeAcacia gum has been used to treat a number of ailments for thousands of years, from contraception to the healing of wounds. Though it is mainly used topically, it i... Read More »

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What is acacia?

The acacia is a tree indigenous to several African nations as well as India, Iran and Afghanistan. All parts of the tree have been used in traditional medicine since ancient times.DescriptionThe in... Read More »

What is gum acacia?

Gum acacia is the resin from the acacia tree that grows in parts of Africa (mostly in the Sudan). Gum acacia is used in foods, personal care products and much more.PharmaceuticalPharmaceuticals use... Read More »

How to Classify an Acacia Tree?

Acacia is one of the largest plant genera on the planet and belongs to the Fabaceae family, more commonly known as the pea or legume family. Acacia has hundreds of known species and cultivars that ... Read More »

Facts on the Mimosa Acacia?

Talk to any European, especially an Italian, and they will rave about the beauty of "mimosa" in cut-flower bouquets. Blooming in late winter and early spring, this Australian tree, also commonly ca... Read More »