Is abdominal cramping a symptom of being pregnant?

Answer On One Hand: Early Signs of PregnancyAccording to the Mayo Clinic, abdominal cramping can be a sign of early pregnancy in some women. These cramps are often very similar to menstrual cramps.On the ... Read More »

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Is abdominal tenderness and cramping a sign of being pregnant?

Answer yes you do have abdominal tenderness and cramping when you are pregnant.I recently had a baby last year and that was one of my first symptoms.As long as there is no extreme pain it is compl... Read More »

Is it normal to have abdominal pains as a symptom if you are 3-4 weeks pregnant?

Answer Yes, it's quite normal. Some women will experience some cramping or bloat a little. Your body chemistry and hormones are changing. Still, if it worries you please see your doctor. It's a... Read More »

Are break outs a common symptom of being pregnant?

Answer It is not a symptom, but it can happen any time your body chemistry changes at all. So the simple answer is yes, if you are pregnant you might experience break outs because many things can ... Read More »

Is being 9 weeks pregnant and very tender lower abdominal area normal?

Some tenderness and pain is normal. Your body is changing and moving around. However, you describe your pain as VERY tender. I would check with the doctor to be sure. It could be unrelated to your ... Read More »