Does a zebra have black stripes?

Answer A zebra has black and white stripes along its entire body. The stripes vary between zebra species and may appear brown, tan, grey or yellow. Like fingerprints in humans, no two zebras have the exac... Read More »

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What type of spider is black with white stripes?

Because Zebras have black and white stripes, could you scan one with a barcode scanner and get a reading?

i cant believe that im gonna answer this,.........but.....the answer is no and heres codes have a number sequence to each 1.......that number is stored in a data base that condonz these ... Read More »

Strange black and white stripes on the screen?

The GPU was sending at a frequency that your monitor could not handle. Check that you have the right driver for your monitor rather than the Windows default. You can download one from the manufac... Read More »

Can a zebra change his stripes?

The term zebra applies to the three members of the Equus (or horse) genus, the Plains zebra, Mountain zebra and Grevy's zebra. All have a black-and-white-striped pattern that differs among the spec... Read More »