Is a windmill a turbine?

Answer Windmills and modern wind turbines are both machines that convert wind (or kinetic) energy into electrical energy. The mechanisms they use are similar, and thus a windmill can be considered a turbi... Read More »

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How to Windmill?

The windmill is a very popular break dancing "power move" that takes practice, discipline, and most of all, dedication.

How to Windmill Dunk?

A crowd-pleasing windmill Dunk.If you want to grab the crowd's eye or show off your jumping and dunking skills, follow these steps.

How to Grease a Windmill?

Wind turbines and wind machines have enjoyed a resurgence as of late due to rising power costs and an increased consciousness of green energy. Wind turbines are effective energy generators and can ... Read More »

How to Make a Windmill?

A windmill is a device that converts wind energy into other types of energy. It uses wind power to make mechanical energy for rotating its blades which in turn help produce electrical energy. The w... Read More »