Is a wife entitled to her disability benefits and the benefits from her deceased spouse?

Answer A wife is entitled to all disability benefits for which she qualifies in her own right. She is NOT entitled to ANY benefits relating to a person who has deceased and if she continues to claim or c... Read More »

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If you get a divorce is your spouse entitled to any of your Veteran's disability benefits?

VA DISABILITY & DIVORCE: United States Code, Title 38, Veteran's Benefits, is the governing document created by the U.S. Congress for the administration and protection of benefits, entitlements, an... Read More »

Is my former spouse entitled to a percentage of my VA benefits after divorce?

Veterans Affairs (VA) retirement benefits are considered marital assets and are treated as such in a divorce. A former spouse could have the right to some portion of benefits paid to a veteran. How... Read More »

Is my spouse entitled to my workman's compensation benefits during a divorce?

Depending on what state you live in, workman’s compensation benefits can be considered either marital or separate property. Most states use the analytical approach, breaking the award down into d... Read More »

Is My Spouse Entitled to My Workman's Compensation Benefits During a Divorce?

The state in which you live determines whether or not your spouse receives part of your workers' compensation benefit. Even if the state law treats workers' compensation as separate property from t... Read More »