Is a warrant needed for a DNA sample?

Answer On One Hand: DNA Fingerprint ActA warrant is not always needed to obtain a DNA sample. The DNA Fingerprint Act of 2005 required that, beginning January 1, 2009, any adult arrested for a federal cri... Read More »

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What is needed for a vehicle search warrant in New York?

A vehicle search warrant is a written order issued by a judge authorizing a search of a specific vehicle. New York has specific requirements for obtaining a vehicle search warrant.FunctionA search ... Read More »

What sample size is needed so that the 95% confidence interval will have a width of 0.06 solution?

Sample size is calculated using confidence interval and the width of the solution as a percent of the mean. A sample at 95 percent confidence with a solution width of 0.06 percent would require 2,6... Read More »

What is a Test Sample?

A test sample is generally a sample of tissue, fluids or blood that is taken by a physician. Your doctor or a technician will analyze the test sample to see if your results fall within the normal r... Read More »

How to Sample With Audacity?

Sampling is a standard practice in the production of hip-hop and rap recordings, and it is increasingly used in other music genres as well. It involves including a clip of another recording as a re... Read More »