Is a vegetarian diet healthy when pregnant?

Answer Answer If you have been a vegetarian for a long time and know what you should be eating then maintaining this diet through pregnancy is fine.If however you usually eat meat and have decided that a... Read More »

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Healthy vegetarian diet w/o fake meat?

i have been vegan for 8 years and i have never had fake meat (when i read the packet all the processing put me off). if i want veggie burgers i make my own out of chickpeas vegetables and seeds, i ... Read More »

Is a vegetarian diet healthy enough to stick to for life?

Absolutely. Just make sure it a balanced diet, but sounds like you do that by eating meat substitutes. My 4 kids were raised from birth as vegetarians, and are all fit and healthy. All above averag... Read More »

How to Eat a Balanced Vegetarian Diet While Pregnant?

Many women following a vegetarian diet wonder whether their lifestyle will provide enough nutrients to their baby during pregnancy, despite the fact that a balanced vegetarian diet is typically ver... Read More »

Is corn healthy to eat when I'm on a diet?

Wow, 4 answers all saying that a natural whole grain packed with vitamins and phytonutrients is bad for you, and 1 answer saying it's a vegetable (it's not) with a high glycemic load (actually its ... Read More »