Is a vaporizer the same as a humidifier?

Answer Both humidifiers and vaporizers increase moisture in the air and can relieve symptoms due to the common cold. However, a humidifier releases cool mist into the air, while a vaporizer releases warm ... Read More »

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What is the difference betweem a humidifier&vaporizer?

The main difference between a humidifier and a vaporizer is temperature. A humidifier projects a cool water mist, whereas a vaporizer projects hot steam, according to Parenting.FeaturesA humidifier... Read More »

Why can't I use scent splash humidifier liquid in my ultrasonic cool humidifier?

More than likely it will bur it out. I bought a misting bowl that had the water rise up looking like smoke. I tried putting some in the water and it quit working after two days. The oil must cake ... Read More »

How to Use a VP-101 Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are a means of inhaling the active ingredients of plant matter in vapor form, without the negative effects of smoke inhalation. Vaporizers also use an internal ceramic heating element, e... Read More »

How to Use a Vaporizer Box?

A vaporizer box can be used for aromatherapy, to inhale herbs for their medicinal properties or to inhale tobacco. When properly filled and used, a vaporizer box produces no smoke or smoke odor bec... Read More »