Is a vacuum cleaners like a hair dryer?

Answer hoover

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Which of the following is most like a hair dryer vacuum cleaners or washing machines?

As long as there's no meat mixed in with it, it should keep for up to a week and a half in the fridge. It goes dry the longer you keep it in there, though.

What is the weighted means price of a retailer selling 50 vacuum cleaners at 90 and 35 vacuum cleaners at 140?

Answer "Eutectic" refers to a mixture or alloy that has the lowest possible melting / freezing point. In a true eutectic solution, all its consituents move from solid state to liquid and vice versa... Read More »

Vacuum Cleaners & Pet Hair?

When buying a vacuum cleaner for your pet's hair, it is sometimes confusing to buy one to fit your family best. Depending on what animal you own that sheds, many different pet hair types can be fru... Read More »

Or wap wet and dry shop vacuum cleaners good vacuum cleaners?

AnswerAverage temperatures should run you no HIGHER than 37 degrees fahrenheit. If your temps are warmer than that then you need to call for service.