Is a vacuum cleaner the same as a black hole?

Answer yes, in a similie/metaphor kind of way. a black hole sucks in stuff, a vaccum cleaner does also.

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How does a black hole act as a vacuum cleaner?

It technically doesn't, given that a vacuum cleaner works via air pressure differences, and space is mostly a vacuum already. What it does do, is by an enormous amount of mass focused in a small po... Read More »

Why is the consideration of a black hole as a 'cosmic vacuum cleaner' so wrong?

it doesn't move!!!!! and stuff far out can easily escape its field.

What is the hole in the vacuum cleaner?

Its to reduce the suction at the business end.By opening the whole it allows air in, so the suction at the business end is reduced.

Can sucking with a vacuum cleaner all of the honey bees as they exit and enter the hive entrance through a hole in a wall in your building get rid of them?

You might be able to kill a few this way, but what you are going to succeed in doing is making them very, VERY angry! When you go to empty the vacuum you will have a swarm sized problem on your han... Read More »