Is a treadmill or an elliptical better?

Answer On One Hand: Ellipticals Provide Low-impact WorkoutsEllipticals provide a low-impact, full body workout. Since the feet never lose contact with the pedals of an elliptical, there is no impact with ... Read More »

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What is an elliptical treadmill?

There are hundreds of fitness machines invented each year. Most don't work well; however, the elliptical treadmill has proven to be one of the rare machines that does.FunctionAn elliptical treadmi... Read More »

Which is better: a treadmill or an elliptical?

On One Hand: An Elliptical Works More MusclesAn elliptical works the upper body and lower body at the same time, allowing more muscles to be used. Pushing and pulling of the arms on the elliptical ... Read More »

Which is better for beginners, the elliptical or the treadmill?

On One Hand: Elliptical Puts Minimal Stress on JointsThe elliptical is a whole body workout using both arms and legs. This means a beginner can get very effective exercise in a short amount of time... Read More »

Elliptical vs Treadmill for sprained knee?

I blew out my knee and I was advised to use the stationary bike. Any exercise that is weight bearing, like treadmill or elliptical puts extra stress on the knee and can cause more damage or delay h... Read More »