Is a traffic violation a misdemeanor?

Answer Most traffic violations, such as seatbelts, using a cell phone while driving and even speeding tickets, fall in the legal classification of infraction, one step below a misdemeanor. Injury to a per... Read More »

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What is a misdemeanor traffic violation?

Most traffic violations are called infractions and do not cause the driver to have a criminal record. When a driver commits actions that cause real or potential injury or death to others or causes ... Read More »

How to Get a Misdemeanor Traffic Violation Dismissed?

Misdemeanor traffic violations are criminal in nature and generally punishable only by a fine, but since they are crimes you have a right to a trial. The authority to issue a traffic violation can ... Read More »

The Penalties for the Conviction of a Misdemeanor Traffic Violation?

A misdemeanor traffic violation results in conviction after a trial, guilty plea or the defendant's entry of a "no contest," or "nolo contendere," statement. Although municipalities and states have... Read More »

Is a moving violation in Wisconsin a traffic misdemeanor?

Most moving violations in Wisconsin are misdemeanors, according to Find Law. Moving violations can be felonies if serious enough, such as extreme reckless driving. Additionally, a person's fifth dr... Read More »