Is a tomato considered as a veggie or a fruit?

Answer A tomato is considered a fruit because it has seeds. Many people think of it as a vegetable though.

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Why Is the Tomato Considered a Fruit?

Since a tomato is "more like a vegetable"---that is, it is savory rather than sweet and used like a vegetable in soups, sauces and salads---many people consider that it belongs in the same category... Read More »

Is tomato considered a fruit?

Tomatoes are considered to be a fruit because they have seeds. Under this strict botanical definition, cucumbers, green beans, squash and walnuts are considered to be fruits as well, according to ... Read More »

Why is a tomato considered a fruit?

Seeds Do Have Everything To Do With What is Considered a Vegetable or a Fruit. That's Where The Term Fruit Comes From, Like Fruit of The Loins, Something is Considered a Fruit When The Reproductive... Read More »

Is the potato a fruit or a veggie?

A potato is a vegetable. There are a number of potato varieties including russet, long white fingerling, red skinned and blue/purple skin yellow. Potatoes are a good source of fiber, vitamin C and ... Read More »