Is a tomato a fruit or berry?

Answer Although chefs treat the tomato as a vegetable, it's actually a type of fruit known as a berry. Like all fruit, a tomato is a ripened ovary with seeds. Typical of berries, however, it is produced i... Read More »

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Is plum a fruit or a berry?

Is an elderberry a berry or a fruit?

An elderberry is a berry. They provide a source of food for humans and contain potassium, vitamin C, and help cold and flu symptoms. Elderberries are small, dark colored and grow on elderberry bush... Read More »

What is acai berry fruit?

Acai berry fruit has gained popularity as a superfood and a natural way to better health. This reputation was proven by Dr. Perricone, a renowned healthy-aging expert, and his research team. The be... Read More »

Is a pineapple a fruit, a berry or a vegetable?

According to the University of Arkansas, a fruit contains the seeds of the plant. This makes the pineapple a fruit. However, commercially grown pineapples no longer contain seeds since they are pro... Read More »