Is a temperature of 99.1 normal or is it considered a little fever?

Answer It's a little warm but it's pretty normal it really doesn't mean you have a fever just a very low grade fever

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What temperature is considered a fever on an infant?

It will not kill the baby but You can give your baby injuries and it can be born with problems. DO NOT PUNCH YOURSELF IN THE STOMACH!

Normal temperature for a 2 year old child who has a fever?

The normal temperature ranges from 36.5 to 37.5 C. Above that range is considered a fever.Fever can be low or high. Above 40 is considered to be alarming and higher than that may lead to a febrile ... Read More »

Is this considered a fever?

That is exactly how I feel* My temp is 101.5 & I feel like somebody ran over me with a truck! You definitely are coming down with something! Good Luck*

What temperature is a fever for a child?

99.8 if it is higher than 102, you need to get urgant help