Is a system a restore a good idea to do?

Answer Its always a first and most intelligent option one should adopt when his/her system get stuck or gets some erroneous messages. It will cause no harm as i feel except few extra temporary files will ... Read More »

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Is it a good idea to download Limewire will it cause any probs 2 the system ?

sorry...i dunno...but - can i get my point now?

What is the virus that prevents PC restore and system restore from working?

There is not one specific type of virus that prevents a PC from running System Restore. Download and install an antivirus program. It will scan for infected files, and give you the option to delete... Read More »

My laptop which is just 6month's old used to system restore but the last 3times i have tried it won't restore?

Although we could go back and forth gathering details required to resolve your issue, I noticed one key piece of information...your laptop is ONLY 6 months old.Even if you did not purchase an exten... Read More »

Can"System Restore"be used to restore a program that was accidentally uninstalled?

The Windows System Restore utility will not restore an application that you have previously uninstalled or deleted. You should reinstall the software using the program's installation CD or a downlo... Read More »